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Luxembourg Job Doctor #7

Good Timing

Job Doctor: Each Tuesday Darren Robinson answers questions about career development and finding a new position.

Dear Job Doctor,

Are there any particularly good or particularly bad times of the year to look for a job?

There are some seasonal trends in Luxembourg relating to people looking for work and those looking to recruit. Vacancies arise in organisations through start-up, growth, change or staff turnover.

Organisational growth and change usually occur at the beginning and end of the year due to new budgets. The change may also include a reduction in workforce early in the year to ensure the cost saving benefit in the same year, due to the social costs of redundancies.

And voluntary staff turnover occurs at the end of the year due to the psychological ‘new year--fresh start’ behaviour and also after bonus payments have been made, this is most commonly at the end of the first quarter in Luxembourg.

There are fewer people looking for new roles during the months of June, July and August. This period is less competitive for a candidate, but of course companies are making fewer organisational staffing decisions during this period. August can be particularly challenging due to the majority of holidays taken during this month.

In short, there really isn’t a particularly good or bad time of the year to look for a job. The availability of the right opportunity for every individual is unpredictable and not necessarily subject to seasonal trends.

Regardless of the timing, don’t wait until you are desperately seeking a new opportunity to build and strengthen your network, keep regular contact with good contacts and recruiters in your network who may help with securing your next move.

Darren Robinson is managing director of Badenoch & Clark Luxembourg, the largest staffing and recruitment firm in the Grand Duchy.

Have a question for the Job Doctor? Send an email to darren.robinson@badenochandclark.lu with “Job Doctor” in the subject line. Your inquiry will be stricly confidential: the Job Doctor will not publish or reveal your name.


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