Laurent Lebatteux, Senior Consultant at Badenoch & Clark and our Ambassador for Win4youth, tells us what this means to him.

  • Nadia Mimtchioui
  • 25/04/2017
  • 14:53
  • Adecco Group
  • Our Offices
Laurent Lebatteux, W4Y, Ambassador, The Adecco Group
Laurent Lebatteux, Senior Consultant at Badenoch & Clark, an entity of The Adecco Group Luxembourg, and ambassador of Win4youth tells us what this means to him.

The Adecco Group invites its employees, customers and associates to participate in sporting activities  to support disadvantaged children through Win4youth. Throughout the year, sports activities are organised abroad and in Luxembourg. 

What does being the Ambassador for Win4youth mean?

This is a big responsibility! We represent The Adecco Group but also Luxembourg as well. I’m preparing for a triathlon, it’s a big challenge for me and I want to succeed for the Group. There is a lot of pressure but it’s a motivating pressure.

Why did you decide to become the Ambassador?

It was really the Group that got me started in sports and only 4 years ago, coached by my colleagues, and the spirit of the team that prevailed in the company. 

What does sport bring you in your job as a recruiter?

Two things, on one hand, being able to clear one's mind and stay in better shape, and on the other hand, to have a fighting spirit and to surpass myself in order to achieve objectives. In the recruitment of candidates it is exactly the sane, there is a really a correlation between this job and this state of mind.

What are your next Win4youth goals?

Creating events with clients, candidates and colleagues in order to raise funds for associations chosen this year. I’m also preparing for the triathlon of Gavà in Spain, on September the 24th, where I will be representing Luxembourg in our Adecco Group team.