"A smart move" by all concerned

  • Angela Taylor
  • 12/10/2016
  • Our Offices
Andrew Notter

The announcement that Luxembourg will open a second English-language primary school next year was largely welcomed key international community actors. 

“This is a great development that will certainly help attract international talent to Luxembourg,” Badenoch and Clark Director Andrew Notter said, adding: “By having more options, it will naturally be more attractive to more parents who would like to relocate and allow their children to continue their English education.”

British Ambassador John Marshall praised what he saw as a “smart move” given how important English-language education is for Luxembourg's competitiveness. He suggested the school could benefit international families as well as Luxembourgish families who want their children to master English at a young age. 

The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) in Luxembourg, meanwhile, welcomed the initiative, saying the Government expects demand for English education to increase during and following Brexit.

“As such the BCC believes that it is more important than ever that the educational infrastructure is in place and ready for Luxembourg to be able to capitalise on any opportunities arising from Brexit,” it said.

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