Badenoch & Clark welcomes a new colleague: Mina Fujihara

  • Charlotte Pichot
  • 27/10/2015
  • 16:00
  • Adecco Group
Associate Consultant for financial profiles within the Commercial and Industrial sector in Luxembourg.

Badenoch & Clark’s latest research into key markets shows that Q4 2014 and early 2015 have been especially successful, reflecting the wider market trend of consistently high job flow and new entrants into the sector. From the employer’s perspective, the encouraging economic landscape has meant increased growth which has led to increased opportunity for candidates. This is a trend that has been especially evident in the Northern Home Counties and the South East, with increasing demand in the interim market, as firms look to ease the pressure on their existing teams. In keeping with this, our research has shown that time to hire is down, as companies are looking to secure accomplished candidates as soon as possible.

However, with these developments come challenges. Competition to secure the best talent has leapt in ferocity, and employers have to become increasingly flexible in their approach to candidates, offering out of hours, telephone or Skype interviews.

For job hunters on the other hand, the outlook is extremely positive with wages increasing, particularly in the West Midlands and London. There has been a striking rise (15-20%) in the senior market (£60,000 +) as additional skills such as commercial finance, business partnering and decision support have been sought after as businesses seek professionals who bring added value and real insight to their firms.

Government investment has also stimulated recruitment in the sector, with the benefit most evident in the regions. For example in Cambridge and the North East the respective recent announcements of a £200 million development to expand the Port of Felixstowe and a £350 million deal to boost SMEs mean that they are well positioned to experience further increases in Accountancy & Finance hires.

For the Accountancy & Finance sector the outlook is positive for firms and employees alike. As the market improves, opportunities in professional services will continue to rise. I predict there will be a sustained increase in companies taking on interims and technology, travel, insurance and pharma will steadily expand, making 2015 a promising year for recruitment across the sector.